(AWS) Big Data for Beginners!

Coming from a machine learning background, you are bound to run into terms like ‘Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce’ etc., I stumbled upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and certification program specifically designed for a quick introductory visual tutorial on these data technologies. I got two of these training modules online:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (40 minutes)

This lecture briefly touches upon the following topics:

  1. Is Machine learning the right approach to solve address your  business need?
  2. How can you prepare, clean and handle your data to implement a machine learning pipeline?
  3. Non technical introduction to Feature Engineering (feature selection) and Modeling.
  4. Performance metrics on validation
  5. Discussion on the impact of Machine Learning in today’s world.
  • Big Data Technology Fundamentals Online (90 minutes)

This lecture is divided into 4 major modules –

  1. Introduction of Big Data and it’s exponential popularity raise in recent years
  2. Database Architecture (SQL, NoSQL, Data Warehousing)
  3. Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce
  4. What is Pig and Hive!

There is last module that talks about the AWS products and how they can meet the industry needs of Big Data (read marketing gimmick– which is fine, since they went through all this trouble of compiling this tutorial!)

You can go to the link here , create an account and access all the free training modules they have open. The two courses I took were great! Very insightful content for the limited time AWS had planned. Coming from an academic background, I particularly liked their use cases and examples from the industry perspective. They also issue an online certificate once you complete a training.

I would recommend these training modules for anybody getting ready to dive into the world of big data!



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